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Is Barry’s firewood dry?

Yes! Barry’s firewood strives to provide only the best quality dry wood for our customers. Every year we go through a process of seasonally drying out our wood, ensuring all wood sap/moisture has dried out enough for burning. At Barry’s we keep a close eye on our wood with a moisture metre as its important to not have your wood to dry, or you might as well burn cardboard! All our wood is stored under shelter, on delivery if the weather isn’t the best it will only be some light rain wet which will dry back off in a few days after being stacked.

Where does Barry deliver wood to?

We deliver to Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, and the Hutt Valley.

Free delivery is available in Upper Hutt

A minimum 2.4m3 order is required for delivery outside the free delivery zone. Delivery cost will be automatically calculated when you enter your address at checkout

What's the difference between Pine, Macrocarpa, Manuka and Gum Wood? Why do they cost different prices?

Hardwoods such as Gum and Manuka have a greater heat output and burn  the slowest but need a softwood like Pine to get started. Medium density Macrocarpa is self starting with a higher heat output than pine. Pine is a quick starter meaning your fire will get going fast but will need topping up much more often.  

The rate of growth and availability of each type in log-form all impact the pricing.

To learn more, check out our blog page  The different types of firewood explained

When should I buy my firewood? and how much do I need?

The best time to buy wood is when the specials are on during the warmer seasons. Barry usually sells either freshly split or semi-seasoned wood at reduced prices outside of the peak firewood season. These will be ready to burn for the coming winter season. If you need firewood to burn during the warmer months you’ll need to buy Barry’s Seasoned wood. 

An average household in Wellington could use anywhere up to 7.2m3 –  10m3 depending on the type of wood and how often the fire is going. See our post How much firewood do I need? for more information.

Can I split my wood order between two or more delivery addresses?

Yes! One order can be split between two different addresses, depending on the locations. If one of the addresses is within a different delivery area then an additional delivery charge may apply. If you’d like to check before ordering give the team a call on 0800 4 BAZZA or email 

Does Barry's Firewood do WINZ quotes?

Yes! Barry’s Firewood is more than happy to provide WINZ quote for you, we deal with WINZ frequently, so we are very familiar with the process and their requirements. 

Follow this link for the contact form to generate a WINZ Quote, please include the delivery address in the message.

Otherwise have a look through our Shop page for the different types and sizes available, then give us a call on 0800 4 BAZZA or email 

What do I need and what's the best way to light a fire?

There are a few different ways you can light a fire; we like to use Barry’s famous Jenga stacking technique. Check out our video on fire starting to get a glimpse of this (here)! Kindling is very much the ideal way to start the Jenga stack with using Barry’s Firestarter’s to get flaming! Once you have some good burning Kindling, add in smaller split pieces to the fire, its best to have air flow for the fire with the door shut and the flu vent open, add split wood as required when the pieces are burning well.

How should I store my firewood?

Best results are to stack the wood away under shelter from the rain, but you need great air flow on preferably 2-3 sides on the wood stack. The woods best drying is outside in the wind but under shelter from the rain.

Here's a handy checklist to screenshot

Matches Newspaper Lots of kindling Small logs Big logs (All stacked away ready to use) A fire basket 

Extra’s Fire starters Barry’s Axe A chopping block A fire cleaner set

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