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The different types of New Zealand Firewood explained

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out the different types of firewood? Why do some types cost more, what kinds are hard or softwoods? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve explained it all here, so you can make the right choice for your fireplace and home.



Pine Firewood 

Easy, practical and affordable, Pine is a must-have for your woodpile! This softwood burns fast, which means it’s perfect for those cold winter nights when you need the fire roaring asap! We recommend mixing this light wood with a hardwood option; this means you will get the best of both worlds! Fast results and longevity!


Pine firewood


Macrocarpa firewood

The celebrity of the wood family! Often nicknamed Mac for short, this guy came from humble beginnings, traditionally used for farm fence posts and rural windbreaks. Macrocarpa is a medium density wood and is suitable for starting a fire. Golden-brown in colour, with a distinct fragrant aroma our customers love Mac because it burns longer than pine and produces a higher heat output.  Macrocarpa will spark when alight so is not recommended for open fire places. 




Gum Firewood

A dense hardwood, this takes longer to ignite but once going, it burns longer with very-high heat output. We recommend starting your fire with a base of softwood such as pine before adding the gum. Gum produces a bed of hot embers which can continue burning throughout the night. Freshly cut Gum takes longer to season than Pine or Mac; this is why we recommend always buying ahead of time from Barry’s. Off-peak we sell “next season” Gum; if you have space at home to store this, Go for it! This will save future you some money and time!



Manuka Firewood

Known for being a favourite with the bees when it comes to honey, Manuka is also the rolls royce of firewood! A hardwood just like Gum, Manuka is ideal for long burning fires, it has the highest heat output and produces minimal amounts of ash. Also sought after for smoking foods it produces a sweet subtle smoke suitable for meat and fish. While easier to light than gum we recommend ordering Manuka alongside a softwood option like pine.



Got another burning hot question? Get in contact with our friendly team; we’re always happy to help.