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7 ways to re-use fireplace ash


As we come into warmer months and the annual spring clear-out begins, cleaning the fireplace is another task usually added to the to-do list –
But before you toss away your firewood ashes, we wanted to share with you 10 useful ways you can re-use it around your home!

Wood ash, believe it or not, is a fantastic by-product; knowing how to use it could you money now and be a lifesaver later.

  1. Slugs and snails and other NZ garden pests hate ash! So add it around your favourite new plants.
  2. A thin layer of ash protects plants from frost in the winter.
  3. Another way to use wood ash in the garden is to help strengthen plants that love calcium. This can include broccoli, garlic, celery, spinach, cabbage and many more.
  4. Dust-bathing birds such as chickens love to bathe in order to controls pests, adding ashes to their dust bath helps to kill bugs like mites, fleas.
  5. If you have a glass door on your fireplace, it can become stained with creosote blocking your view of those beautiful flames. Dab a bit of the ash on a damp sponge or cloth and use it to scrub the creosote away. Please wait for your stove to cool down before cleaning the glass.
  6. Seeds that aren’t properly stored lose their viability and won’t germinate. Saving seeds in a good insulating and moisture absorbing medium is key. Simply add ashes to whatever container you are storing seeds in to cut down moisture and to protect your seeds.
  7. Ash is an effective odour treatment. Simply sprinkle some inside smelly areas like the cat box or rubbish bin.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful! and you can put your wood ash to good use around your home and garden.